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Fertilization principles of rice

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Fertiliser application principles

1. According to the soil nutrient status, control the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer and reduce the amount of potassium fertilizer appropriately. Reduce the amount of nitrogen applied to base tillers and increase the proportion of nitrogen applied to spikes to 30% at the nodulation stage. Appropriate supplementation of middle and micro elements and application of zinc sulphate and other zinc-containing rejuvenating fertilizers.

2. Recommend a combination of organic and inorganic, increasing organic nutrient input through straw return and application of organic fertiliser.

3. Apply acid-regulating soil conditioners or base lime to acid soils, and use alkaline fertilisers such as calcium-magnesium phosphate for phosphate fertilisers. For alkaline soils, use acidic fertilisers such as mono-ammonium phosphate as a base fertiliser and ammonium sulphate as a chasing fertiliser, using less or no urea.

4. In areas where there are conditions, it is recommended to adopt the technology of synchronous side deep fertilisation of machine transplanted rice, and to use special fertilisers with neat granularity, suitable hardness and low moisture absorption for side deep fertilisation.

Fertiliser recommendations

1. Phosphorus fertilizer (P2O5) dosage is 2.5-4.5 kg/mu and potassium fertilizer (K2O) dosage is 3-6 kg/mu. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer varies according to the target yield, with the yield level below 500 kg/mu, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer (N) 6-7 kg/mu; the yield level 500-600 kg/mu, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer (N) 7-8 kg/mu; the yield level above 600 kg/mu, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer (N) 8 -9 kg/mu.

2. Nitrogen fertilizer base fertilizer accounts for 30%-40%, tiller fertilizer accounts for 30%-40%, spike fertilizer accounts for 30%; organic fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer all base application; potassium fertilizer base fertilizer accounts for 50%-60%, spike fertilizer accounts for 40%-50%.

3. Choose 1-2kg/acre of zinc sulphate for the first tiller fertilizer as rejuvenation fertilizer.

4. Recommend base tiller fertilizer to be applied in the same way as side deep fertilizer plots, reduce base tiller fertilizer by 10% at the same yield level, and keep the same amount of spike fertilizer.

5. Straw returned to the field in full quantity is reduced by 15% potassium fertilizer in the first year, 20%-30% potassium fertilizer for those who have returned to the field for more than two consecutive years, and 10% nitrogen fertilizer for spikes. For plots with organic fertiliser, the amount of basal fertiliser is reduced appropriately.

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