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Fertilisation tips for green peppers

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Green peppers, an essential household dish in China, originally from Mexico, were introduced to China in the late Ming Dynasty. Green peppers have thick, crisp flesh and are rich in vitamin C. The green fruit contains around 93.9% water, 3.8% carbohydrates and vitamin C. The red ripe fruit can contain up to 460mg of vitamin C. Green peppers are mostly used in salads, stir-fries, cooking, stuffing, pickling and canning, and candied fruits.

Green peppers have a long growing season, an underdeveloped root system, few roots, shallow soil penetration, no drought tolerance or flood tolerance and high fertiliser tolerance. During the growing period, they absorb more potassium fertiliser, followed by nitrogen fertiliser, and less phosphorus fertiliser.

Peppers do not have strict soil requirements, generally sandy soil, clay, can be cultivated, but the soil is fertile, deep, well-drained loamy soil is better. Green pepper on the soil nutrient requirements are high. If poor nutrition, especially nitrogen deficiency or too much, or insufficient phosphorus fertilizer, often leading to a large number of fallen flowers, buds, fallen bells, potassium than nitrogen less good, otherwise the stem and leaves are poorly developed. As the root system of green pepper is not developed, so the requirements for water are strict. Combined with the fertility characteristics of green pepper and fertilizer characteristics, its fertilization principles are.

(1) Fertilizer green pepper fertility period is long, the application of sufficient fertilizer is very important, that is, on the basis of the application of sufficient agricultural fertilizer, 45-50 kg per mu of potassium nitrate fertilizer.

(2) more diligent application of fertilizer when the door pepper diameter of 2-3 cm, combined with the fruit water per mu chase nitrate phosphorus fertilizer 10 kg; into the fruit bloom period, combined with the cultivation of soil per mu chase nitrate phosphorus fertilizer 15 kg; into the rainy season, in order to prevent green pepper after the rain off fertilizer, per mu chase nitrate phosphorus fertilizer 15 kg; into the second flowering period, to ensure rapid expansion of fruit, combined with watering per mu chase nitrate phosphorus fertilizer 20 kg.

(3) Control fertilization during the flowering period to prevent flowering, leaf and fruit drop.

(4) The young fruit and harvesting period should be fertilized in time to promote rapid expansion of young fruits.

(5) Don't use chasing fertilisers in wet soil

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