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Fertilisation tips for cucumbers

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Cucumber absorption of fertilizer and cultivation methods, long fertility of early maturity of protected cucumber than short fertility of autumn after the cultivation of cucumber absorption of nutrients, in addition, autumn after the cultivation of cucumber, nutrient absorption mainly in the early, and thus the application of sufficient fertilizer is the key to cultivation. According to the mu yield of cucumber 5000 kg, can absorb pure nitrogen 11.14 kg, pure phosphorus 7.66 kg, pure potassium 15.57 kg, nitrogen, potassium fertilizer absorption utilization rate of 45-50%, phosphorus fertilizer is about 30%.

Fertilisation at seedling stage. Seedling fertilisation is a key measure to develop strong seedlings and is the basis for ensuring good cucumber yields. For each standard seedbed (10 square metres), apply 100-150 kilograms of well-rotted chicken manure, 1-2 kilograms of calcium superphosphate and 0.2-0.3 kilograms of urea as a base fertiliser. If fertiliser loss occurs during the growth of young cucumber seedlings, a nutrient supplement can be added. Add 81g of potassium nitrate, 95g of calcium nitrate, 50g of ammonium sulphate, 35g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 2g of ferric chloride to every 100kg of water to make a solution for extra-root fertilisation.

Fertilise more often. The fertiliser is applied 10-15 days before the cucumber is transplanted in combination with a single application into the ground, generally 4,000-5,000 kg of organic fertiliser, 25-30 kg of urea, 30 kg of diammonium phosphate and 20 kg of potassium chloride per mu. The amount of fertiliser applied in spring and autumn can be reduced by 10-20% compared to winter.

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