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Fertilisation techniques for greenhouse cucumbers

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Greenhouse greenhouse cucumber fertilization, should be based on the growth of cucumber fertilization, strengthen the management of cucumber between crops to promote the growth of cucumber.

Greenhouse cucumber fertilization techniques, cucumber is infinite growth vegetables, in the greenhouse from planting to plucking about 7-9 months, high yield, nutrient uptake. Cucumber suitable for fertile soil, therefore, heavy application of organic fertilizer, with appropriate application of chemical fertilizer is the basis for obtaining high yields of cucumber. According to the study, every 1000 kg of fruit formation need to absorb about 2 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus 0.9 kg, potassium 2.3 kg, the ratio of 1: 0.46: 1.16. greenhouse cucumber nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium demand period for the melon period, its demand accounts for about 80% of the total. Because of the large amount of greenhouse cucumber fertilization, after several years of continuous planting, there is more accumulation of nutrients in the soil, therefore, the fertilization of new and old greenhouses is different.

Greenhouse greenhouse cucumber fertilisation techniques, in the cucumber before planting scattered before each mu of well-rotted have shed fertiliser (well-rotted chicken manure or high quality circle fertiliser) 8 cubic metres - 10 cubic metres, urea 5 kg - 10 kg, calcium superphosphate 150 kg - 200 kg or diammonium phosphate 50 kg, potassium chloride 20 kg - 30 kg, zinc sulphate 1 kg - 2 kg, borax 0.5 kg. A three-element compound fertiliser can also be applied on top of organic fertiliser at a rate of 80kg-100kg per mu. The flowering and fruiting period begins to be combined with watering for fertilisation, generally every 3-4 weeks in winter and once every 1 or 2 weeks in spring. Each time the amount of fertiliser applied is 3kg-5kg of urea, 3kg-5kg of diammonium phosphate and 2kg-3kg of potassium chloride per mu. A three-element compound fertiliser can also be applied retrospectively at 10kg-15kg per mu each time, together with 2kg-3kg of urea.

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