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Fertilisation of green peppers

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Green pepper fertilization is an effective way to ensure that the product, the specific fertilization methods are as follows.

fertilizer green pepper fertility period is long, the application of sufficient base fertilizer is very important, that is, on the basis of the application of sufficient farm fertilizer, 45-50 kg per mu of nitrate of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

more diligent application of chasing fertilizer when the door pepper diameter up to 2-3 cm spraying plant electronic fertilizer, the use of the plant itself photosynthesis burst of high-energy electrons and plant electron polarity induction principle, improve cell division, molecular synthesis and nutrient matching digestion level, accelerate the metabolic frequency, activate the plant nutrient sparing system to produce beyond the fertilizer effect.

 Before flowering, the young pepper period use pepper strong tine to enhance the function of various pepper plant nutrient matching, thicken the fruit tine, prevent leaf drop, flower drop and fruit drop, fast development, early colouring, thick flesh, bright colour and spicy aroma. Fertilisation is controlled during the flowering period to prevent flower drop, leaf drop and fruit drop. The young fruit and harvesting period should be fertilised in time to promote rapid expansion of young fruit. Avoid using highly concentrated fertilisers, avoid chasing fertilisers in wet soil, avoid chasing fertilisers at high temperatures in the middle of the day and avoid too concentrated chasing.

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