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Farmer’s Edge Announces Smart Carbon Program

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In mid-May Farmers Edge announced its Smart Carbon program. 

The company says Smart Carbon will be a data-driven program combining hardware, software, agronomy and hands-on customer support. 

In the program announcement, the company describes Farmer’s Edge being able to provide “a true connected acre that gives farmers and their trusted advisors a 360-degree view of their carbon footprint with data from soil to sale.”

The Smart Carbon program will be available in North America–first more widely in Canada with initiatives in the U.S. to come later. 

Farmer’s Edge says it has already secured buyers for the carbon credits generated, and it estimates its current customer base will include at least six million new carbon offsets annually. 

“At the heart of our business has always been a deep commitment to agriculture and the farmers who feed us,” Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge Chief Executive Officer and founder said in the company’s announcement. “As stewards of the land, farmers play a leading role in ensuring stability of the global food supply and the health of our planet; they need collective support to do this. We provide a simple and transparent program that rewards farmers for land stewardship and removes the hassle of dreaded paperwork. We can validate their digital environmental assets in near real-time, reducing risk and creating verified, high-quality carbon offsets. Farmers are part of the climate change solution.”

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