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Exports To China Grow Against The Trend, Many Countries Feel The Warmth Of The Chinese Market

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According to data released by Eurostat in mid-February, affected by the epidemic, EU exports in 2020 fell by 9.4% over the previous year, but exports to China increased by 2.2%. Among the EU's top ten trading partners in goods, China is the only one that has achieved two-way trade growth.


   The preliminary statistics released by the Ministry of Finance of Japan in late January show that Japans exports in 2020 will be 11.1% lower than the previous year due to the sharp decline in overseas demand for automobiles and other products. However, due to the rapid recovery of China's economy, Japan's exports of non-ferrous metals, automobiles and plastics to China have increased significantly, driving Japan's annual exports to China to increase by 2.7%.


   The trade performance between China and Latin America is stable. In 2020, Latin Americas exports to China will increase by 0.1% compared with the previous year. The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean said in a report that due to the epidemic, exports from Latin America will fall by 13% in 2020, of which exports to the United States and the European Union will fall by 14% and 13% respectively; however, due to Chinas rapid control of the epidemic and economic recovery After March 2020, the regions exports to China have continued to grow, driven by the export of agricultural and mineral products.


  As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazils exports to China remain resilient. The Brazilian Central Bank released a report that boosted by the good performance of primary products exports to China, Brazil's foreign trade surplus in 2020 will increase by US$2.9 billion over 2019.


   reported that, thanks to the good performance of exports of primary products such as soybeans and iron ore to China, last year Brazils exports showed strong resilience. The proportion of exports to China in Brazil's foreign exports in all regions has increased, "this shows that the influence of China's economic activities on foreign trade in all parts of Brazil has generally increased."


   Observers believe that China has a large-scale market with a population of 1.4 billion and is an important engine for global economic growth. As the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth in 2020, China's rapid economic recovery has strongly promoted the recovery of global demand.


Jost Verbeck, a senior analyst at ChinaAnalytical Consulting, said that China has played a "very important role" in the return of the EU economy to normal. Some European companies, especially those in the automotive and luxury goods industries, are benefiting from the continuous recovery. Chinese market.


   Brazilian economist Bruno de Conte said that when other major trading partners in Latin America are in recession due to the epidemic, China is the only major economy in the world with positive growth in 2020, which is good news for the regions exports.


   At the same time, China proposes to implement wider, broader, and deeper opening up to the outside world and better participate in international economic cooperation. This will allow more countries and companies to share China's open market and development opportunities.


  Shen Dali, president of Honeywell's global high-growth regions, said that China has made great progress in optimizing the business environment and opening up to the outside world. With the promotion of higher levels of opening up, the Chinese market will become more and more attractive.

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