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Eggplant fertilization mistakes and precautions

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Eggplant fertilization mistakes and precautions

Fertilizer is an essential part of the eggplant growth period, and plays an important role in ensuring the normal growth of eggplant and increasing yield.

Eggplant fertilization misunderstandings and precautions

1. Avoid excessive nitrogen application

Eggplant requires a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer, but it is better to apply a small amount and several times. The application of urea per mu should generally be controlled within 30 kg. After urea is applied to the soil, the transformation speed is relatively fast. After meeting the normal needs of the plant, the excess part is easily lost or fixed by the soil. Especially in sandy soil, the proportion of loss will be greater. At the same time, applying too much nitrogen fertilizer will cause ammonia damage to eggplant leaves and fruits in the protected area. In addition, sufficient nutrient supply can easily cause excessive cell division to form multi-carpel deformed fruits. Therefore, when formulating a fertilization plan, care should be taken not to use too much fertilizer, especially nitrogen fertilizer.

2. Avoid flooding and irrigating fertilizers with water

It has become a habit to irrigate and irrigate fertilizer with water in eggplant planting, but this method should not be used in the summer high temperature season. Because of the high temperature, when applying chemical fertilizer, a large amount of ammonia volatilization will reduce the fertilizer efficiency, and it is easy to cause ammonia poisoning of eggplant.

It is recommended to ditch the planting net or dig a hole to bury it and then irrigate with appropriate amount of water, and the effect is better. After topdressing, the thickness of buried soil should be no less than 5 cm to reduce the volatilization of active ingredients of chemical fertilizers.

3. Avoid unreasonable ratios of fertilizers and nutrients

Although eggplant needs a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are also indispensable. When topdressing, it is not possible to only apply nitrogen fertilizers every time. During the full fruit period, three-element compound fertilizer with a total amount of not less than 40 kg per mu can be topdressed twice to meet the needs of eggplant growth and development. However, the amount of phosphorus fertilizer in the top dressing in the later stage should not be too large, so as not to cause the seeds to develop and the seed coat to harden in the fruit, thereby reducing the commercial value of the eggplant fruit.

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