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Effectiveness of calcium ammonium nitrate on cabbage

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The effectiveness of the use of calcium ammonium nitrate on cabbage was analysed by a researcher who selected a farmland in the southern suburbs of a city for a trial. Approximately 75kg of calcium ammonium nitrate fertiliser was applied per acre, divided into four applications. In order to improve the physical properties of the calcium ammonium nitrate fertiliser, an appropriate amount of fine powder made from steel slag was mixed into it before the construction of the fertiliser. In order to make the use more effective, a control group was set up for the experiment and equal amounts of urea were chosen to be applied to the same area of farmland. The results of the experiment showed that the yield of the cabbage treated with calcium ammonium nitrate increased by approximately 10%, and that the number of diseased plants suffering from dry heart disease was significantly lower than in the urea treated field with the same amount of nitrogen.

In addition, after the experimental harvest of cabbage, the researcher sowed broad beans in the field in spring, and after the green pods of broad beans were harvested, the field was still planted with cabbage, and this experiment applied urea fertiliser to all the experimental fields to observe the after-effects of calcium ammonium nitrate fertiliser. The results showed that the cabbage planted the following year was still effective against dry heart disease. This was because the calcium ions in the calcium ammonium nitrate fertiliser reduced the effect of sodium ions in the soil on the cabbage, as high levels of sodium ions are a major contributor to dry heart disease in cabbage.


In summary, calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizers have excellent physical and chemical properties and broad market prospects, and need to be further promoted. Analysis can be obtained, through the analysis of the use of calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer in agriculture and horticulture can be seen, calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer in field crops, vegetables and fruits and other economic crops is very good, can effectively enhance the crop yield, improve the prevention and control of crop diseases, the widespread use of calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer can enhance the international competitiveness of China's agricultural products. The exploration in this paper still has shortcomings and is for reference only.

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