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Effectiveness and advantages of seaweed extract

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Effectiveness of seaweed extract

Seaweed extract can make crops mature earlier, increase yield and improve quality, as well as in the preservation of fruit and resistance to pests and other aspects have produced a significant effect, can make its yield increased by 10-30%; in the flower experiments, proved that seaweed fertilizer not only promote early flowering, but also can significantly increase the number of flower buds, the increase rate of 30-60%; field crop experiments show that the crop yield increase rate of about 30%.

The effects of seaweed extract on plant growth are summarized as follows: stimulating the germination of new roots, promoting root growth, strengthening root mass, improving the survival rate of flowers and seedlings transplants, shortening the slowing period, and thus promoting the germination and growth of new leaves and buds.

It also enhances flower color, enlarges flower buds, thickens flower stalks and prolongs flowering period. At the same time, the highly active natural plant growth stimulating substances enhance the metabolic capacity of plant cells, stimulate the flower's own immune system, and improve the resistance of flowers and seedlings to high temperature, low temperature, drought and other adversities.

Advantages of seaweed extract

1, comprehensive nutrition, compared with traditional fertilizers, contains a large number of highly active ingredients plant easy to absorb, plant growth after application balanced, rarely deficiency disease.

2, activation of trace elements, counteracting the antagonistic effect of phosphate in the soil on most trace elements, which is beneficial to the absorption of trace elements by plants.

3, small dosage, good effect, can strengthen the root system, enhance plant absorption and utilization of soil nutrients, water and gas; its root promotion effect in the application of ornamental plants are: applied to the transplanting of large trees in landscaping projects to improve the survival rate and rapid recovery of growth; applied to the transplanting and planting of green seedlings, various types of flowers, cuttings propagation and lawn establishment, developed root system, the formation of strong seedlings; save vulnerable plants ( Such as old and valuable trees, diseased plants), the effect is magical.

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