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EU To Increase Imports Of Some Moldovan Agricultural Products

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The European Commission's official website, June 9: The Commission adopted on the same day a proposal to more than double the import quota for seven zero-tariff agricultural products from Moldova within a year's time. The seven products include plums, grapes, apples, tomatoes, garlic, cherries and grape juice. The total amount of duty-free products is expected to be around 55 million euros, of which 27 million euros for table grapes and 10 million euros for plums. EU Commissioner for Agriculture Wojciechowski expressed the hope that this unprecedented measure would support Moldovan producers in relieving some market pressure in the short term. In the long term, it is recommended that Moldovan agricultural operators invest in high value-added industries and further improve the quality of their produce, which will help consolidate Moldova's position in the EU market. The Commissioner further stated that the EU stands ready to provide technical assistance. Currently, the EU and Moldova are negotiating additional road transport links, which will greatly facilitate the flow of trade between Moldova and the EU. In addition, the EU has provided Moldova with substantial financial assistance to mitigate the effects of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

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