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EU Crop Monitor Lowers EU Corn Yield Estimates

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Foreign media on October 24: Monday, the EU crop monitoring agency MARS released its monthly report, further lowered this year's drought-stricken EU corn yields are expected, but winter cereal sowing conditions are mostly favorable.

The MARS report forecasts an average EU cereal corn yield of 6.34 tons per hectare this year, down 1% from the September forecast of 6.39 tons per hectare, 20% lower than last year's yield and 19% lower than the previous five-year average.

Yield estimates for sunflower seeds and soybeans were also revised downward, by 16% and 18% below the five-year average, respectively.

The report said the impact of the summer drought is becoming more apparent as the growing season winds down.

This year, corn and other summer crops suffered record droughts during critical growth stages as well as multiple heat waves, and crop yields were impacted. But those winter crops that were harvested before the drought appeared escaped, such as wheat.

In addition, some farmers harvested corn as silage, which also affected grain corn yields.

Heavy rains since late summer have delayed the corn harvest in Eastern European countries such as Romania and Hungary, but have not benefited the already mature crop.

Last Thursday (Oct. 20) the International Grains Council lowered EU corn production for 2022/23 to 53.5 million tons, down from earlier estimates of 56.2 million tons.

On the same day, analysts Strategic Grains lowered its 2022 EU corn production forecast to 50.4 million tons, down from the 52.9 million tons forecast in September, almost 25% below the 66.8 million tons forecast in June and 28% below the 70.2 million tons in 2021, the lowest yield in 15 years.

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