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Does calcium ammonium nitrate contain ammonium nitrate?

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Most calcium ammonium nitrate uses ammonium nitrate in disguise, not calcium.

Calcium ammonium nitrate is white round particles, 100% soluble in water. It is a new type of high-efficiency compound fertilizer containing nitrogen and quick-acting calcium. It has rapid fertilizer efficiency and rapid nitrogen replenishment, in which calcium and magnesium are added, and the nutrient ratio is increased.

Ammonium nitrate is more comprehensive and can be directly absorbed by plants. This product is a neutral fertilizer with low physiological acidity and improves acidic soil. After being applied to the soil, the pH value is very small, which will not cause soil compaction and loosen the soil.

At the same time, it can reduce the concentration of active aluminum, reduce the fixation of active phosphorus, and provide water-soluble calcium, thereby improving the resistance of plants to diseases

Product Usage:

Calcium ammonium nitrate is a neutral fertilizer, suitable for various soils, especially acidic soils, which can improve the soil, increase the soil structure, and prevent the soil from agglomerating.

When planting cash crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other crops, the application of ammonium nitrate can prolong the flowering period, promote the normal growth and metabolism of crop roots, stems, and leaves, make the fruit brighter, and increase the sugar content. Fruits and vitamin C improve the quality of crops.

The application of calcium ammonium nitrate can neutralize organic acids formed in the process of crop metabolism, adjust the pH value of crops, prevent bacterial invasion, promote potassium absorption, and avoid damage caused by excessive aluminum ions, hydrogen ions and sodium ions in acidic soils .

So as to improve the ability of crops to resist diseases, and effectively prevent and treat various diseases.

In addition, calcium has a mitigating effect on salt stress. Calcium in high-salinity soil is usually replaced by sodium, and the application of calcium-containing fertilizers can loosen the hard soil.

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