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Dimethyl Sulfoxide for Veterinary Use

Less toxic, LD50: 9700-28300mg/kg (oral for rats); 16500-24000mg/kg (oral for mice). Permeable to human skin and irritating to eyes.
Product Description

Product name: Dimethyl sulfoxide  for Veterinary Use

Toxicity and safety

Less toxic, LD50: 9700-28300mg/kg (oral for rats); 16500-24000mg/kg (oral for mice). Permeable to human skin and irritating to eyes.

DMSO has a certain toxic effect. When using it, avoid its volatilization. Prepare 1%-5% ammonia water for use. After the skin is stained, wash it with a lot of water and dilute ammonia water.

The most common ones are nausea, vomiting, skin rash and the smell of garlic, onion, and oyster in the skin and exhaled air.

Inhalation: High volatile concentration may cause headache, dizziness and sedation.

Skin: It can burn the skin and make the skin tingling, just like the rash and blisters seen. If dimethyl sulfoxide comes into contact with watery skin, it will cause a thermal reaction. Avoid contact with dimethyl sulfoxide solutions containing toxic raw materials or substances, because its toxicity is not known, but dimethyl sulfoxide may penetrate into the skin, and under certain conditions will bring toxic substances into the skin.

Absorption: The risk of absorption is very low.

Wear appropriate gloves and goggles or mask.


Application in pesticides and fertilizers:

DMSO is a solvent, penetrant and synergist for pesticides and agricultural fertilizers. It can be used as a pesticide additive. Foreign reports use antibiotics dissolved in DMSO to treat fruit tree rot, and pesticides dissolved in DMSO to kill fruit borers in trees and fruits, and spray 0.5‰ of a solution during the flowering period of soybeans to increase yield by 10% ~15%, adding 5‰ DMSO to various fertilizer solutions is more likely to cause personal poisoning.

It has been used in fruit tree mycosis in China. In the experiment on plants, the non-permeable drugs and dyes were mixed into DMSO aqueous solution, and the trunk was smeared. After 12 hours, it was found that the branches, leaves, rhizomes and fruits were all contained or colored, and then the test results disappeared after 24 hours. It shows that the drugs and pigments dissolved in DMSO can permeate and circulate, and can also be discharged through metabolism. This characteristic shows the application prospect of DMSO in agriculture, which needs to be studied in the future.

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