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Details of flushing water soluble fertilizer application

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Details of flushing water soluble fertilizer application

Flush water-soluble fertilizer is a way to quickly supplement nutrients, simple and convenient, and generally effective soon after application.

First, how long can water-soluble fertilizer application be effective

Ordinary water-soluble fertilizer raw material composition is relatively single, mostly to contain 1-2 kinds of fertilizers, after application is usually effective after about 7 days, holding period of about 10 days. Most of these fertilizers contain insoluble materials in water solubility, which will directly lead to a decrease in fertilizer efficiency and shorten the duration of effectiveness.

High-end water-soluble fertilizer is made through processing and production, with the characteristics of water soluble, generally effective after 5-7 days after flushing, with a shelf life of about 20 days.

Second, the application of water-soluble fertilizer precautions

In the use of water-soluble fertilizer must pay attention to, water-soluble fertilizer as far as possible alone, do not mix with other fertilizers. If the water-soluble fertilizer and compound fertilizer used together, it will make the crop root system can not be fully absorbed, resulting in the accumulation of fertilizer all together, and in serious cases will cause some fertilizer damage.

If you must mix water-soluble fertilizer with other fertilizers, you can use non-alkaline fertilizers together, which can improve the efficiency of water-soluble fertilizer use.

In addition, water-soluble fertilizer is easily diluted by water, so it must not be used before the rain, if the use of rain after the weather, must be within 6 hours after the cessation of rain, fertilization again.

Third, the difference between water-soluble fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer

1, different nutrients: water-soluble fertilizer not only more types, and a variety of ratios, such as a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium balanced fertilizer, high nitrogen fertilizer, high potassium fertilizer and high phosphorus fertilizer, etc., while the fertilizer itself also contains a variety of microelements that play a key role in the growth of different crops, while the traditional compound fertilizer, although it contains two or more elements of fertilizer, the formula and nutrient elements are relatively single.

2, the dosage is different: water-soluble fertilizer is usually concentrated powder or liquid, the amount of use is generally less, to the ordinary balanced water-soluble fertilizer, for example, if the use of flushing, the amount required per acre is only about 5kg, while the use of compound fertilizer and then less than 40kg or so.

3, the role of different effects: water-soluble fertilizer is mainly used as a crop fertilizer, the crop absorption rate is faster, and the crop absorption rate is higher.

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