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Customized Digital Transformation Plan, China-Vietnam E-commerce Cooperation Has Great Potential

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Vietnam Jianshun Comprehensive Service Company is an enterprise mainly engaged in the operation of dark tea. Initially, 80% of its turnover came from the domestic market in Vietnam, and the development space was limited. The company has been working hard to open up foreign markets. In 2019, after the company joined the Chinese e-commerce platform, its overseas sales revenue reached US$1 million in just over a year, and its annual sales increased by more than 300%.


Du Junliang, deputy general manager of Vietnam Jianshun Integrated Services Company, said: “The e-commerce platform can greatly help small and medium-sized enterprises expand trade channels and overcome difficulties. Cooperation with the Chinese e-commerce platform will promote the faster and better development of Vietnamese small and medium-sized enterprises. "


DSW Vietnam mainly sells specialty agricultural products such as durian and purple sweet potato. In July 2019, it opened and operated its first online store on the Chinese e-commerce platform. "Through the Chinese e-commerce platform, we not only have access to customer resources all over the world, but also have the opportunity to gain exposure to advanced payment methods, live broadcast delivery and other new sales formats," said Chen Yanfei, the company's founder.


Statistics show that in 2020, the scale of e-commerce in Vietnam will reach US$11.8 billion, an increase of 18%, making it the only country in Southeast Asia that has achieved double-digit growth in e-commerce. It is estimated that by 2025, the size of Vietnam's e-commerce market is expected to reach US$29 billion. Du Shenghai, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, said that Vietnam and China have great potential for e-commerce cooperation and hope to continue to strengthen cooperation with Chinese e-commerce platforms, promote the export of Vietnamese enterprises, and strive to build a brand effect. 

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