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Crop Nitrogen

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1. General performance of nitrogen deficiency

In actual production, crops often encounter insufficient or excessive nitrogen nutrition. The general manifestations of nitrogen deficiency are: plants are short and thin; the leaves are yellow-green, yellow-orange and other abnormal green colors, and the base leaves are gradually dry and withered; roots There are few branches; the tillers of cereal crops are significantly reduced, or even no tillers, the young ears are poorly differentiated, the branches are few, the ear shape is small, the crops are significantly premature and mature, and the yield is reduced.

2. General performance of excess nitrogen

The general manifestations of excessive nitrogen nutrition of crops are: excessive growth, continuous birth of axillary buds, and excessive tillers, which hinder the normal development of reproductive organs, and delay maturity, leaves are dark green, stems and leaves are tender and juicy, and soluble non-protein nitrogen in the body If the content is too high, it is easy to be damaged by diseases and insects, easy to lodging, the grains of cereal crops are not full (thousand-grain weight is low), and there are many unknowing grains; cotton bolls increase, boll shells are thick, and cotton fiber quality decreases; sugar cane content decreases; Tubers become smaller, leguminous crops have luxuriant branches and leaves, fewer pods, and lower crop yields.

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