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Courgette planting management techniques and precautions

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Courgette planting management techniques and precautions

Courgette quality crisp, tasty, nutritious, market demand, planting efficiency is also very high, grasp the good courgette planting technology is indeed a good way for farmers to get rich.

Courgette water and fertilizer management techniques

Courgette in the winter and spring seedlings, generally speaking, in the seedling stage do not need to water and fertilizer, because the nutrients in the soil and sowing before the bottom water is sufficient to maintain the water and fertilizer needs before planting.

In the unlikely event of a water shortage, which is not too severe, the water can be supplemented by covering with wet fine soil.

In summer and autumn, due to the heat and rapid water loss, water frequently to keep the soil moist and also to reduce the ground temperature before planting.

After the seedlings have emerged, water as little or as little as possible according to the actual situation and set the plants early.

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