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Countermeasures for peanut nitrogen deficiency

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Causes of nitrogen deficiency

1. It is mainly related to the supply of soil nitrogen. If the peanuts currently planted only rely on soil nitrogen and the peanut's own nitrogen fixation, there will be a shortage of nitrogen. The soil has low nitrogen content, and sandy land that is easy to lose is more deficient in nitrogen.

2. Related to climate, high temperature and rainy nitrogen elements are easy to lose and leaching.

3. It is related to cultivation and fertilization. If the time and method of fertilization during the fertilization process are not proper, the base fertilizer is insufficient or the amount is small in the early period, and the top fertilizer is small in the later period, which will cause a shortage. Extensive field management, such as watering methods, causes the loss of nutrients, which leads to nitrogen deficiency.

But in view of the current status of peanut fertilization, there is really a lot of nitrogen fertilization. Excessive nitrogen and serious loss should be the main problems of the current soil.

If you need to use nitrogen fertilizer more effectively and understand the use of nitrogen fertilizer, you need to have the following points:

1. Determine the reasonable amount and time of nitrogen fertilizer application. Determine the amount of nitrogen fertilizer according to the soil nitrogen supply level and target yield.

2. Nitrogen fertilizer is applied in stages to appropriately increase the proportion of nitrogen fertilizer in the middle growth period.

3. Increase the application of organic fertilizers, and advocate the combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers.

4. Increase phosphate fertilizer to promote the absorption of nitrogen fertilizer and improve the effect of nitrogen fixation.

Experiments have proved that for the effect of photosynthesis rate, peanuts have a sequence of requirements for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in different periods. Flowering stage: nitrogen fertilizer>potassium fertilizer>phosphate fertilizer, pod setting period: phosphate fertilizer>potassium fertilizer>nitrogen fertilizer, It shows that the effect of nitrogen fertilizer to increase photosynthesis rate is mainly in the early stage, phosphate fertilizer is mainly in the middle and late stages, and the effect of potassium fertilizer is more consistent in the early and late stages. 

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