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Cotton seedling fertilization techniques

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Cotton seedling fertilization techniques

1. Nutrient bowl seedling seedbed fertilizer: early application of well-rotted organic fertilizer, the appropriate amount of compound fertilizer, generally 10 square meters of seedbed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium content of 45% of the compound fertilizer 0.5-0.7 kg, do not apply urea for the seedbed of the base fertilizer.

2. Cotton field fertilizer: one is to increase the application of various types of organic fertilizers, or bio-organic compound fertilizers; two is to achieve formula fertilization, balanced fertilization, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium according to the ratio of 3:1:3 formula implementation; three is insect-resistant cotton to increase the application of potassium fertilizer, not less than 15 kg per mu of base fertilizer, and with zinc fertilizer 0.5-0.7 kg, holding power boron 0.4 kg; four is the appropriate amount of fertilizer, should not blindly pursue the number, per mu of high The content of ternary compound fertilizer 25-30 kilograms per mu can be; five is to change the spreading of fertilizer to open furrow strip or hole application, cotton seedling root system to maintain a certain distance from the fertilizer.

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