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Corn Fertilizer Technology

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1, heavy application of base fertilizer. The base fertilizer is also the base fertilizer, to reapply, mainly organic fertilizer, plus some nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, if the lack of zinc and then add appropriate. The base fertilizer is mainly agricultural fertilizer, mainly livestock manure after composting and rotting, which is rich in microorganisms, has a long fertilizing effect, nutrient sufficient characteristics, the physical and chemical properties of the soil to improve the obvious role. When applied, according to the ground strength, generally about 2 tonnes of organic fertiliser per mu is applied, together with 10 kg of ammonium fertiliser, 20 kg of phosphorus fertiliser and 6 kg of potash fertiliser. If the plot appears to be deficient in zinc fertiliser, about 2 kg of additional zinc sulphate fertiliser should also be applied as appropriate. Base fertilizer is generally applied before sowing combined with turning the ground, can be applied in holes or strips, after the application of fertilizer covered with about 4 cm thick fine soil to avoid direct contact between the seeds and fertilizer burn seeds.

2, early application of seedling fertilizer. The seedling fertilizer is usually applied when the plant grows to 3-4 leaves after the seedling emerges. With the rapid growth of the plant, the amount of fertilizer needed to increase, seedling fertilizer should follow the principle of early application, light application. Generally, 3 kg of urea per mu is sufficient. Mix the two fertilisers and apply in strips to promote rapid growth and strengthen the seedlings. If the plot before the crop of wheat, it is necessary to properly increase the amount of fertilizer, can be applied to 4 kg of urea per mu.

3, tricky to apply nodal fertilizer. When the corn enters the plucking period, the temperature is also gradually rising. During this period, the plant's rootstock, leaves are in a period of vigorous growth, rootstock, leaves fertility organ development needs a lot of nutrients. It is important to fertilise well at this time, and to get a good handle on the amount and timing of fertilisation to avoid maize going crazy, to strengthen the stalks and promote the ears, and to reduce the occurrence of empty stalks, baldness and collapse. When the maize grows to 6-7 leaves unfold, fertilizer should be applied, which can be 4 kg of urea per mu. It is important to note that you cannot increase the amount of fertilizer at will, which can easily cause excessive nutritional growth, thus affecting the reproductive growth of corn.

4, the full application of attack budding fertilizer. In the corn pregnant period, that is, corn appeared "big bell mouth" after the female ears of corn spikelets, small flowers began to differentiate, timely reapplication of budding fertilizer, can promote the normal development of the ears, increase seeds, generally in the ears before 14 days timely chase budding fertilizer. If the base fertilizer is insufficient and the growth of corn is weak, you need to increase the amount of fertilizer, you can apply 8 kg of urea per mu; if the growth of corn is average, you can apply 6 kg of urea per mu; if the plot of soil is fertile, you can apply 5 kg of urea per mu. At the same time, also according to the soil moisture, appropriate watering to replenish water.

5, discretionary application of attack grain fertilizer. In the flowering period appropriate fertilizer, can extend the period of corn filling, promote the filling, improve the rate of fruiting, increase yield effect star. If in the early management, fertilization is insufficient, soil nutrient deficiencies, it is best to apply the appropriate amount of attack grain fertilizer. This can be done with 4kg of urea per mu, mixed with an appropriate amount of fine soil and applied near the roots of the plant, but not in direct contact with the root system. If soil moisture is insufficient, fertiliser can be applied to the roots of the plants.

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