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Compared with traditional fertilizers, seaweed fertilizers have the following advantages:

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  1. Environmental protection:

  2.        a. Seaweed fertilizer is a natural seaweed extract, which is not only harmless to humans and animals, but also non-polluting to the environment, and the special ingredient in seaweed - seaweed polysaccharide can not only chelate heavy metal ions, but also increase soil permeability. Air conditioning makes the soil less prone to erosion and loss by wind and water. Its unique stress resistance greatly reduces the amount of pesticide application.

       b. Alginic acid is also a natural soil conditioning substance, which can promote the formation of soil particle structure, increase the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, increase the biological activity of the soil, improve fertility and reduce the pollution of the soil by harmful substances of pesticides and fertilizers, which is conducive to the establishment of A more dynamic and harmoniously developed plant-soil ecosystem. The article comes from the Meng Baolong Agricultural WeChat platform.

2. High efficiency (less application amount), easy absorption, high utilization rate:

       a. After the active ingredients of seaweed fertilizer are processed by special technology, they become small molecules that are easily absorbed and conducted by plants, easily soluble in water, and can be quickly absorbed, conducted and utilized by plants within a few hours after use.

       b. The alginic acid in seaweed fertilizer can reduce the surface tension of water, making its active ingredients very stable, easy to store and easy to use; it is very conducive to the absorption and utilization of various nutrients by plants, and ensures that various nutrients are in an effective state;

c. Seaweed fertilizer can be used in combination with most pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and has a synergistic effect. As a biological fertilizer that integrates nutrition and conditioning, it is applied to plants in a very small amount due to its unique composition, but it receives effects that other fertilizers cannot achieve.

3. Increase production:

       Tests and demonstrations of dozens of crops such as grain crops, cash crops, fruit trees, flowers, etc. in 16 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions, Thailand, Australia and other countries have proved that the yield increase of seaweed fertilizer is 8.6-36.5%, and the input and output are Ratio 1:8.3-225.

4. Improve quality:

       Practices at home and abroad have confirmed that seaweed can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products and increase their commodity value. For example, it can increase the oil content of oil crops, increase the sugar content of sugar crops, improve the sweetness, flavor and coloring degree of fruits, improve the uniformity of products, promote early maturity of crops, advance marketing, and prolong storage period.

5. Enhance the plant's resistance to pests and diseases and stress:

       a. Seaweed fertilizer can improve the vitality and immunity of crops, inhibit the damage of pests and diseases, and have obvious control effects on viruses. It can also reduce the harm of drought, waterlogging, low temperature, salinity and other adversity to crops, which is beneficial to crops. disaster recovery.

b. Phenolic polymers and betaine in seaweed fertilizers regulate the osmotic pressure of cell sap and chloroplast, and protect a series of enzymes from being converted into active resistant chemicals in the cells of plants damaged by drought, cold and insect diseases. Strong resistance to insects, fungi, nematodes, aphids and cold and drought. The iodide, copper and zinc in seaweed fertilizer combine with humic salt, and it is a kind of chemically stable anti-disease fungicide when it acts on crops.

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