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China's organic fertilizer development focus - comprehensive use of straw

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China's rich resources of livestock manure and straw, therefore, the most promising development, the most should be promoted is the use of livestock manure and straw processing and utilization. And the use of livestock manure and treatment of the equipment and methods required compared with straw requirements are relatively high, so the development of organic fertilizer in China's top priority should be the treatment and use of straw. At the same time, straw comprehensive use of good also has a large number of benefits. 

1, straw back to the field to increase production and reduce costs. With the development of science and technology, through the application of appropriate amounts of fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer, to promote crop yields, the obvious effect is: early and steady growth, the middle and late Qingxiu old healthy, not premature failure, increase grain weight, and quality and quantity. Reasonable application of nitrogen fertilizer, can effectively play the fertilizer effect, improve fertilizer utilization rate. 

2, straw back to the field to prevent pests and diseases, to protect the environment. Every harvest season happens to be an important period for burning straw, which is very common. As only ashes are left behind after burning, floating everywhere, before leading to atmospheric pollution, the occurrence of this phenomenon will lead to traffic jams and is very likely to cause serious disasters, so the government promotes the return of straw to the fields. This is why the government is promoting the return of straw to the fields, which prevents pests and diseases, inhibits the growth of weeds and protects the environment. The effect of returning straw to the fields is also very significant in terms of increasing fertiliser and yield, generally by 5% to 10%, but if used in an inappropriate way it can also lead to an increase in soil pathogens, increased crop disease and lack of seedlings and other undesirable phenomena. Therefore, straw should continue to be implemented back to the field. 

3, straw back to the field to enhance soil fertility. Cellulose, hemicellulose and a certain amount of lignin, sugar and protein are present in crop straw. These substances are decomposed into organic matter under certain conditions through fermentation, and organic matter is one of the important components of soil, so it can enhance the fertility of the soil. It has been proven on several occasions that the return of straw to the fields has effectively alleviated the continuous decline in soil organic matter. 

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