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China-Africa Logistics Helps Africa's Economic Recovery

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Since 2020, the smooth flow of logistics channels between China and Africa has effectively helped African countries fight the epidemic and promoted economic recovery in Africa. As one of the main carriers, Fitzm Abadi, managing director of cargo and logistics services of Ethiopian Airlines, proudly said: "We ship personal protective equipment from China to all over the world, including more than 50 African countries."


   Last year, Ethiopian Airlines cooperated with Shenzhen Airport and Cainiao Network to open a new cargo route. Abadi said: "The three parties are committed to providing much-needed vaccines and drugs to the world, with cold chain guarantees throughout the transportation, and cold storage, equipment and freight crews are fully prepared."


  The epidemic will hardly hinder China-Africa economic and trade exchanges, and the channels and content of China-Africa trade have become more abundant. Guangzhou Nansha Port added two African routes last year, and there were more than 20 African routes in the Nansha Port area.


   China-Africa air cargo demand is also growing, benefiting to a large extent from China's expansion of imports. China has been Africa's largest trading partner country for 11 consecutive years. In the past three years, China’s imports of agricultural products from Africa have grown at an average annual rate of 14%, making China the second largest importer of agricultural products in Africa.


   Kenya Airways Cargo Director Dick Muliangji said that the company is considering increasing cargo flights to more cities in China, and Kenyan fresh produce exporters are looking for more sales channels.


The Eldoret Equatorial Flower Farm in Kenya has about 30 hectares of rose gardens and about 20 hectares of avocado orchards. The farm manager Mika Seselem said that China’s demand for flowers, avocados and other products has increased, and the cold chain transportation has been improved. The guarantee made them consider increasing shipments.


   Kenyan importer David Waggert said: “All of our products come from China. This year, China and Africa have a smooth flow of goods, and the delivery of goods has not been delayed. The operation is smooth. The quality of the products is no problem, and many customers are repeat customers.”


   Cloud exhibitions, live broadcast delivery...During the epidemic, China and African countries share their digital economy experience. China-Africa e-commerce and supporting industrial chains and business forms are playing an increasingly important role, and a better blueprint is slowly unfolding.


  Apurva Kumar, vice president of African e-commerce platform Jumia, said: "I hope to develop more cooperation with China. Chinese suppliers will enable the digital market to provide a wide range of goods at reasonable prices."


   Guangzhou Pan-African Express Co., Ltd. carries more than 16 million cross-border e-commerce parcels each year. Pan-African President Wu Guofei said: “This is a new growth point and the trend is very good. We will increase investment.


   Vice President of Shanghai Greenford International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. Li said that this year will set up branches in South Africa and Zimbabwe.


   Yves Endize, who came to China to study in 2019 and is now an assistant at Greenford, said: "China-Africa cooperation is stronger than ever. I am very happy to work in China-Africa logistics. This has bright prospects."


   Liu Jisen, Executive Dean of the African Research Institute of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, said that China and Africa can learn from each other's needs, open up channel blockages, strengthen interconnection and ensure the construction of industrial and supply chains, and there is broad room for cooperation. (Participating reporters: Wang Ping, Li Hualing, Li Sibo, Zhang Yuliang, Lu Hao)


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