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Characteristics of mass element water soluble fertilizers in agricultural production

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Feature 1: Nutrient-rich and easy to apply

The large amount of elemental water soluble fertilizer is rich in 12 kinds of essential nutrients for crops, with scientific and reasonable ratios, and with continuous application, it can effectively enhance plant resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases while ensuring high yield and good quality. The water solubility of the fertilizer does not produce residues that cannot be dissolved and will not block the drip irrigation nozzles; at the same time, the absorption rate of the fertilizer can be greatly improved. It can be used as a foliar fertiliser and can be applied by drip irrigation. The whole process of fertilisation does not require the application of other fertilisers, saving the trouble of fertiliser selection.

Feature 2: 100% water soluble, non-clogging

Water soluble fertiliser is 100% soluble. Water-soluble fertiliser is 100% soluble in water and its good solubility allows it to be used in pools and irrigation pipes without leaving any residue, avoiding blockages in the pipes and making it practical for all fertiliser systems. Trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper and manganese are present in chelated form in the water soluble fertilizer series, which can fully satisfy the needs of the crop during its growth. Water soluble fertilisers are free from sulphur, chlorine and other elements that are harmful to plant roots and can be applied on a continuous basis.

Feature 3: Scientific proportioning, mixable application

The high solubility of water-soluble fertilisers makes them ideal for a wide range of application systems and the concentrated solution is easy to apply. A variety of pesticides can be mixed with water-soluble fertilizers for simultaneous application, which prevents the hydrolysis established in the application of most pesticides and fertilizers, saving labour and time. The water soluble fertiliser uses a unique process to maintain consistency in water solubility, conductivity, pH stability, colour uniformity and particle size for a superior quality fertiliser. The severe quality restraint system can guarantee that the nutrient content in this product can reach the booking standard whether it is a large amount of elements or a trace element, so that the ratio of various nutrients is reasonable and accurate, which can provide a reasonable balance of nutrients to plants.

Feature 4: Safe to apply and can improve fertiliser utilisation

The method of application of water-soluble fertilizers with large amounts of elements is irrigation with water, so it makes the application extremely even, which also lays a solid foundation for improving yield and quality. Water-soluble fertilisers generally have fewer impurities, low electrical conductivity and are very easy to adjust the concentration of use, so they are safe even for young seedlings, without fear of causing adverse consequences such as seedling burn. Water and fertiliser integration is the integrated and comprehensive management of soil, water and fertiliser under the conditions of irrigation and fertilisation. In this case, the fertiliser is applied according to the water. In the past, water soluble fertilisers mainly referred to foliar spray fertilisers, but in the future, there will be new ideas and new ways of managing fertilisers and new requirements for fertiliser composition and formulation if they go from being a small amount of supplementary fertiliser to a major bulk element fertiliser. The focus of future fertiliser development and plant nutrition research should not only be on nutrient content, but also on the scientific matching of nutrient forms, as well as on the interconversion of different nutrient forms and the role of the application of additives on crop nutrient absorption, transformation and improved fertiliser utilisation. Nowadays, water and fertiliser integration is not only applied to cash crops, but also to field crops.

The water soluble fertilizer is actually a formula fertilizer, according to different crops, different soils and different water quality to formulate different formulas, microbial bacterial soluble fertilizer role is to add microbial bacterial soluble fertilizer on the water soluble fertilizer, a large number of elements of water soluble fertilizer to maximize crop nutrient needs, improve fertilizer utilization, reduce waste, so the formula is the key to identify good and bad water soluble fertilizer. Ecological agriculture vegetable crops planting application of microbial bacterial soluble fertilizer, take a look at the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. For example, the common high potassium formula, according to the general crop fruiting period nutritional needs, nitrogen: phosphorus: potassium ratio control at 2:1:4 the best effect, the effect of different ratios will be very different.

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