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Characteristics Of Nitrogenous Fertilizer And Matters Needing Attention In Application

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1.Characteristics of nitrocellulose fertilizer

 It works fast: it helps the plants grow faster, and the results are immediate.

  SIGNIFICANT YIELD INCREASE: Fertilizer use efficiency is high, compared with the same amount of simple nitrogen fertilizer, yield increase 8-25% . 

 optimize the quality: can obviously increase the content of protein, soluble sugar, vitamin, improve the color and luster taste. 

Drought Resistance and Water Conservation: enhance the drought resistance and water conservation ability of crops, and increase the yield of dry land. Activate the soil: anti-soil compaction, effectively improve the soil condition.

2.Contraindication of nitrogenous fertilizer

As nitrate nitrogen is easily dissolved in water and easily lost, it is not suitable to be used in paddy field and rainy area in south China, and it is not suitable to be applied before and after heavy rain in dry land or to be poured with big water after application. 

 Nitrogenous fertilizer should not be mixed with organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer contains more organic matter, in the case of nitrogenous fertilizer in the role of denitrifying bacteria nitrification, loss of nitrogen. 

 Nitrate nitrogen fertilizer should not be applied in rice field. Nitrate is lost with water, which reduces fertilizer efficiency. Under anaerobic condition, nitrate nitrogen is easily decomposed by denitrifying bacteria and results in nitrogen loss. 

Due to the good solubility of nitro compound fertilizer, it is easy to cause the high concentration of salt in the soil solution and cause the phenomenon of burning seeds and seedlings. 

Apply nitrosulfur compound fertilizer to fruits and vegetables. 

 In the fruit tree application (ditch application) , pay attention to a layer of soil a layer of fertilizer, soil fertilizer mixed evenly; in the greenhouse vegetable crops application, every 15 days, the amount of not more than 30-40 Jin/mu. 

 Nitro compound fertilizer in 20 days before the crop harvest generally to stop the use of crops to avoid excessive nitrite in the body.

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