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Cameroon Approves 42,000 Tonnes Of Sugar Imports in 2022

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Cameroon's Economic Newspaper reported on 7 June that the Secretary General of the Presidency wrote to the Minister of Commerce on 3 June informing him that the President had approved the import of 42,000 tons of small grains of sugar in 2022 for direct consumption by domestic users at a price of 264,000 CFA francs (about US$450) per tonne. The country's own sugar production is insufficient, with the Cameroon Sugar Corporation (Sosucam, the largest sugar producer in Cameroon) producing around 105,000 tonnes of sugar per year. In order to meet domestic demand, Cameroon needs to import large quantities of sugar, with 129,000 tonnes of sugar and 111,000 tonnes of sugar cane or sugar beet refined sugar imported in 2017.

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