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Calcium Ammonium Nitrate For Lawns

Calcium ammonium nitrate is a kind of nitrogen fertilizer made by melting ammonium nitrate with certain proportion of limestone and dolomite powder.
Product Description

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate For Lawns is a kind of nitrogen fertilizer made by melting ammonium nitrate with certain proportion of limestone and dolomite powder. The composition is a mixture of NH4NO3 and CACO3 and MGCO3. The calcium ammonium nitrate contains 21% ~ 26% (N) of nitrogen, the particles or powder are Pale or light yellow, and the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline. Calcium ammonium nitrate is the most calcium-containing chemical fertilizer in the world. Its high purity and 100% water-solubility reflect the unique advantages of high-quality calcium fertilizer and high-efficiency nitrogen fertilizer.


As a kind of high-quality calcium fertilizer with good physical and chemical characteristics, it has many advantages

(1) Calcium Ammonium Nitrate For Lawns, the main component of calcium nitrate, its calcium content is very large, and all the calcium contained in it is water-soluble calcium, and plants can absorb the calcium directly, this can fundamentally change the crops caused by calcium deficiency plant dwarfism, growth point shrinking, terminal Bud Dying, growth stopped, young leaves curling, leaf edge browning, dead root tip, and even rot, fruit tip also appear depression, Black Brown necrosis and other symptoms, to improve the resistance of plants to diseases, so as to improve product quality and increase economic benefits.

(2) The absorption of nitrogen by plants is mainly in the form of nitrate nitrogen, while most of the nitrogen in calcium ammonium nitrate is in the form of nitrate nitrogen, which can be rapidly dissolved in water and directly absorbed by plants without first transforming in soil, this makes calcium ammonium nitrate in the nitrogen use efficiency is higher, thus promoting crops to potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and manganese absorption, reduce a variety of deficiency.

(3) Calcium ammonium nitrate is a kind of neutral fertilizer, which can improve acid soil. The acidity and alkalinity of the fertilizer changed little after it was applied to the soil, so it can not cause soil to harden, and can make the soil become loose, at the same time, it can reduce the concentration of active aluminum, reducing the fixation of aluminum to phosphorus and providing water-soluble calcium increases plant resistance to disease and promotes the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

1. The product has good water solubility, quick dissolution, easy absorption and no precipitation.

2. The product is rich in nitrate nitrogen, water-soluble calcium, the nutrients do not need to transform, can be directly absorbed by crops, quick onset, rapid utilization, its fertilizer utilization ratio is about 2-3 times of ordinary fertilizer.

3. The effect of prevention and correction of adverse physiological phenomena caused by calcium deficiency in crops is better.

4. It can be used in different growth stages of crops to promote normal production and metabolism of roots, stems and leaves. Especially in the case of crop fruit and lack of nitrogen, calcium, recommended to use, can promote fruit coloring, swelling, rapid spot color, fruit skin bright, improve yield and quality.

Application method

The product can be used for machine application, top application, flushing application, spreading application, drip irrigation and spraying, 10 kg-25 kg per mu for vegetables and fruits, 15 kg-30 kg per mu for field crops. 800-1000 times diluted water is recommended for drip irrigation and spraying. The specific application amount and frequency should be determined according to different soil and different crop fertilization schemes, and should be applied several times according to the actual growth of crops. Effect of calcium ammonium nitrate on fluidity, setting time, compressive strength, resistivity, internal temperature, hydration heat, hydration products and pore structure of sulphoaluminate cement paste, the early strength mechanism of calcium ammonium nitrate was analyzed. Calcium ammonium nitrate can obviously accelerate the hydration process of sulphoaluminate cement and increase its early strength, so it can be used as early strength agent.



Q1:Sample before order?

A: A free sample is available before the order


A:Color bag or white bag, customized bag also available


A:One container 25tons

Q4:Delivery time?

A: Shipped in 7days after the payment for ordinary order .

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