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  • CAN With Boron 0.1/0.2 Yello Granular
    The specification: Quick supplement nitrogen,supplying calcium and boron directly,soluble instant and efficient,disease-resistant,crack resistant,promoting flower fruit swelling,improve quality and increase production. Our Services ● Free Sample ● Free packaging design ● Professional after-sales...
  • Nitrogen Fertilizer CAN+Boron
    It is a new nitrogenous and calcareous fertilizer with characteristics of high efficiency and quickly make-up nitrogen boron trace element.
  • Supply CAN Fertilizer 0.3% Boron
    Purity:N:15.5% B:0.3% The boron-added calcium ammonium nitrate is an improved type of ordinary calcium ammonium nitrate. It is a new product in which trace elements boron and magnesium are added on the basis of calcium ammonium nitrate. About Packaging Details 1. Plastic woven bag lined with PE...
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