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Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Boron Granular

Product: Calcium Ammonium Nitrate+B Molecular formula: 5Ca(NO3)2•NH4•NO3•10H2O +B Properties: Yellow round granular Applications: Agricultural Calcium ammonium nitrate (boron-added) is a multi-effect fertilizer with nitrate nitrogen as the main component, water-soluble calcium and Boron...
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Product: Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Boron Granular

Molecular formula: 5Ca(NO3)2•NH4•NO3•10H2O +B

Properties:Yellow round granular

Applications: Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Boron Granular is a multi-effect fertilizer with nitrate nitrogen as the main component, water-soluble calcium and Boron element.The product nitrate nitrogen can be directly absorbed by crops without soil transformation, and the utilization rate is very high. It can supply nitrogen quickly to crops, and the yield increase effect is obvious.

True diseaseresistant fertilizers are effective in preventing and curing various physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency in crops, the control effect on Tomato "Navel Rot" , apple "bitter pock" , pear "black star" , grape "dehiscence, fruit drop, fruit unevenness" , banana "Peel dehiscence, fruit distortion" and other physiological diseases was excellent. The utility model can also prevent the fruit from cracking, enhance the fruit hardness and storage, promote the fruit to increase sweetening and coloring, expand the fruit to be beautiful, and improve the fruit yield and quality.this product is specially added Micronutrient Boron, Boron element can stabilize crops flowering and fruiting, accelerate carbohydrate transport in crops, enhance photosynthesis, fruit trees, vegetables crops effect is obvious.

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