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Brazilian Government To Implement Wheat Production Increase Plan

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The Brazilian newspaper Valores Económicos (Economic Value) reported on 29 March that the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture approved the plan for the expansion of wheat production in Cerrado proposed by the Agricultural Research Institute (Embrapa). The project, for a total of R$2.9 million (R$4.7 for US$1), will be implemented over a period of 36 months. 


The main elements of the programme include: a 40% increase in the area planted to wheat by 2025, from 252,000 hectares in 2021 to 353,000 hectares; training of 70 technicians; production of 176,000 tonnes of seed during the period; 22 field work days, 36 demonstration units, 22 display crops and 143 technical visits, in addition to forums and research meetings. 


Wheat and fertilisers are the main imports in the Brazilian agricultural sector, with an annual value of around R$10 billion. in 2021, Brazil will produce 7.7 million tonnes of wheat and import 6.2 million tonnes. 

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