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Brazilian Government Signs World's Largest Offshore Aquaculture Concession!

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Offshore aquaculture company Forever Oceans has signed a 64,200-hectare concession agreement with the Brazilian government for fish farming 7-15km off the country's coast, an agreement that could make Brazil a major player in the world's offshore aquaculture production By.


The area consists of two areas and represents the largest ever offshore concession for sustainable marine aquaculture.


The original 20-year agreement authorized Forever Oceans to conduct marine farming in automated pens off the coast of the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, home to the vast majority of shrimp farming in the country.


Forever Oceans will use them to farm amberjack, locally known as "olho de boi" or remeiro. The onshore hatchery in Ilheus, Bahia, will grow fingerlings from eggs for placement in large deep-sea enclosures. Initially, 24 automated paddocks were planned in two marine areas.


Forever Oceans chief executive Bill Bien met on Thursday with Jorge Seif Junior, minister of aquaculture and fisheries at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, to sign the agreement, which is expected to create up to 500 jobs over the next eight years.


"Brazil has more than 8,500 kilometers of coastline and is one of the main frontiers for fish production, which generates jobs and income in addition to healthy food, jobs and income," said Jorge Seif Junior.


In 2018, the global marine aquaculture market produced 7.3 million tonnes of finfish, valued at $35.4 billion. Global demand for mariculture fish is expected to triple to 21 million tonnes by 2050 as more consumers include fish as part of a healthy diet.


"This agreement will help us meet the growing demand for delicious, nutritious seafood and give us room to expand and grow rapidly, as well as the opportunity to develop the world's largest offshore sustainable seafood production capacity," Bien said. "We will bring our different products to Brazilian waters, using our expertise in aquaculture, conservation and innovation to grow delicious and protein-rich fish in deep sea waters in a highly environmentally friendly and sustainable way, which is very beneficial for human beings. And the ocean is good."


In addition to its new base in Brazil, the Virginia-based company has research and technology facilities in Hawaii, offshore operations in Panama, and plans to launch offshore operations in Indonesia.

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