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Brazil's Sugar Cane Wine Exports Increased By 30% Last Year

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Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) recently released the "Anuário da Cacha?a 2021" (Sugarcane Wine Yearbook) report, which shows that the domestic sugarcane wine production industry has begun to recover after the economic crisis caused by the New Crown epidemic.

According to the report, Brazilian sugarcane wine exports increased by 29.5% in 2021 compared to 2020 and by 38.4% in value year-on-year, the Brazilian state news agency reported. Last year's sugarcane wine exports increased to $13.17 million from $9.52 million in 2020, but were still 9.8% lower compared to 2019, the year before the outbreak. In addition, the number of countries exporting the product in the global market decreased last year compared to 2020, from 70 countries to 67 countries.

Paraguay and Germany are the main destinations for Brazilian sugar cane wine exports in 2021, with 22.59% and 22.58% of the total trade volume, respectively. Paraguay and Germany were also the only countries to import more than 1 million liters of sugarcane wine, with the former purchasing 1,631,503,000 liters and the latter 1,630,0407,000 liters.

In addition, there are differences in the prices of sugar cane wine imports from Brazil between countries. Paraguay had the lowest average price of sugarcane wine imports at $0.81 per liter; the United States had the highest import price at an average of $3.85 per liter.

The report also noted that the number of registered sugarcane spirits manufacturers in the Ministry of Agriculture decreased last year, from 955 in 2020 to 936, a 2% decrease.

As in previous years, Minas Gerais remained the region with the highest concentration of such registered companies last year, with 353, followed by São Paulo with 143, then Espírito Santo (64) and Rio de Janeiro (60), respectively. )

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