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Boron-The Key To Fruit Trees' Flowering And Fruiting

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Boron is different from nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The dosage is very small, but it is also irreplaceable. It is not only a key trace element related to fruit trees’ flowering and fruit, but also affects various life activities of fruit trees. Today we will focus on the effect of boron fertilizer on fruit trees’ flowering and fruiting. influences.


1. Boron, trace elements must be added during the flowering period of fruit trees


Studies have shown that in the case of boron deficiency, if the fruit tree is in the vegetative growth stage, the effect on the growth of the fruit tree is not obvious. If the boron deficiency enters the reproductive growth period, it will directly affect the flowering quality and reduce the fruit setting rate, which will eventually lead to Fruit tree production decreased.


2. How does boron affect the flowering and fruiting of fruit trees?


Boron has a significant effect on pollen germination and pollen tube growth of fruit trees. If boron is deficient, the activity of pollen grains will be significantly reduced, the growth of pollen tubes will be inhibited, and the phenomenon of flower and fruit drop will also occur. Of course, in addition to this effect, boron also has an impact on the improvement of fruit quality.


3. How to supplement boron fertilizer best?


It is generally recommended to add boron fertilizer to the winter fertilizer application in winter. The addition amount can be determined according to the local boron deficiency. Generally speaking, 0.5~1 kg of granular boron per mu can be applied. In spring, it is the most convenient and efficient to spray boron fertilizer on the foliar surface. It is recommended that when choosing boron fertilizer, you can choose high-purity instant boron source. The utilization rate of this kind of boron fertilizer is 8-10 times that of general boron fertilizer. safer.


4. When is the best time to spray boron fertilizer?


It is recommended to use boron fertilizer before or at the beginning of the flowering period of fruit trees. The most important period of boron fertilizer application is the period from germination to flowering period of fruit trees. This also determines the success or failure of fruit trees. In recent years, many citrus and other crops have shown poor quality of flower buds. It may be due to the fact that fruit growers do not pay attention to boron and other key factors. Excessive application of boron fertilizer is not recommended. Generally, it is appropriate to spray 1000-1500 times the boron source and pool, and it can be used for the first application of spring buds. Join the application.

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