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Biological Enrichment And Organicization Of Nitrogen

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The phenomenon of surface accumulation of nitrogen is generally beneficial to the biological yield of the season. Therefore, if arranged according to the occurrence level of the soil profile, the higher the nitrogen content of the topsoil layer, the smaller the difference between the surface layer and the sublayer, the more fertile the soil and the crop The yield is generally higher.

The second basic feature of the nitrogen cycle in farmland ecosystems is that compared with other nutrient elements such as phosphorus and potassium, the main forms of nitrogen in different ecosystems are different. Almost all channel cycles are accompanied by nitrogen forms.

Change, and the main thing that takes place is not chemical change, but biochemical change. Therefore, only the participation of various organisms can change the nitrogen form in each subsystem, maintaining the absolute majority of molecular nitrogen in the aerosphere and a certain ecological The relative stability of various nitrides under the conditions.

That is, the completion and intensity of the nitrogen cycle in the farmland ecosystem closely depend on the biological chain. Starting from the actual production requirements, on the one hand, in order to meet the needs of increasing crop yields, people apply nitrogen in various forms to the farmland in order to increase the use of light energy.

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