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Background Of The 2021 Smart Agriculture Fair In Yuncheng

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In the light of the first document of the Central Committee, we will vigorously support agriculture, optimize the industrial structure of products, and promote quality and efficiency in agriculture. We will promote green mode of production and enhance the capacity for sustainable agricultural development. We will expand new industries and new forms of business, expanding the value chain of the agricultural industry chain; strengthening the drive of scientific and technological innovation and leading the accelerated development of modern agriculture; making up the shortage of agriculture and rural areas and consolidating the foundation of rural shared development; and Shanxi being an important base for the production and processing of agricultural products with national characteristics, the important cultural resources treasure-house of the Chinese nation will promote the common unity and struggle of all ethnic groups, the common prosperity and development of the demonstration zone, and the strategic orientation of building an important gateway and a strategic base for sub-regional cooperation to open China to the West.

The 2020 China (Yuncheng) Smart Agriculture Exhibition has been successfully concluded on August 28-29,2020. More than 12,000 square meters and more than 300 exhibitors have gathered at the expo site, among them are Yu the Great water-saving, eastern water-saving, Hebei Runnong water-saving, Tianyan Weizhen, Xinlianxin, Shikefeng, Yangmei Fengxi, residential and commercial, Sinochem, Zhongnong Lihua, Hebei Weiyuan County, Dji Innovation, Jifei, Lvyou, Weima and other well-known enterprises in the country; The scope of display includes efficient water-saving and intelligent agricultural equipment, water-fertilizer integration, new fertilizers, green pesticides, fine breed, garden machinery and so on.

At the same time, the exhibition attracted 20,000 precision purchasing groups from the jin-shan-yu-yellow River Golden Triangle region, such as distribution agents, cooperatives and large-scale farmers, with the purchase amount reaching 24 million yuan and the intended purchase amount reaching about 60 million yuan, xinhua, People's Daily, tencent, Shanxi daily, Yuncheng daily, Yuncheng television, the Yellow River News Network, and more than 200 other authoritative media coverage.

Relying on the influence of developing intelligent agriculture in Shanxi in recent years and the radiation effect of the Golden Triangle of the Yellow River, the 2021 China (Yuncheng) intelligent agriculture exhibition was held in Yuncheng, Shanxi, the exhibition will bring together tens of thousands of industry experts, merchants, buyers and scholars from all over the world to promote Yuncheng's "smart agricultural planting demonstration industry base" business card.

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