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Australian Rapeseed Production Forecast To Fall To 5.2 Million Tonnes in 2022/23

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The Australian Oilseed Federation (AOF) has released a report projecting Australian canola production for 2022/23 at 5.2 million metric tonnes, a 17 per cent reduction from the record level of 2021/22.

The reduction in Australian canola production means a return to more normal levels after an unusually high yield in 2021/22, when production reached 6.3 million mt. AOF expects canola acreage to increase by 12 per cent in 2022/23.

The first three months of 2022 have seen timely rainfall across much of NSW, Victoria and WA, and conditions to date have been broadly favourable.

Despite waterlogged conditions in some areas of NSW and Victoria, the weather will remain good along the eastern seaboard for the remainder of the year.

The AOF said that on the eastern seaboard, seasonally good weather is likely to continue into mid to late winter, with a weak La Niña likely to last longer than earlier expected.

In contrast, South Australia remains dry, with recent rains occurring outside of canola production areas. Overall, the yield outlook remains positive given the largely favourable growing conditions and the increased area sown.

In anticipation of a better canola crop in Canada this year, the Australian Oilseed Alliance expects Australian canola production to reach $3.5 billion in 2022/23, the second highest value ever recorded.

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