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Application of Zinc Sulfate in Agricultural Production

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Zinc Sulfate

The correct use of zinc sulfate can prevent diseases in fruit tree nurseries. It is also a commonly used fertilizer to supplement crop zinc trace element fertilizers. It can be used as base fertilizer and foliar fertilizer.

Zinc can promote photosynthesis of crops: Zinc is the obligate activation ion of carbonic anhydrase in plant chloroplasts, and carbonic anhydrase can catalyze the hydration of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis. At the same time, zinc is also an activator of aldolase, which is one of the key enzymes in the process of photosynthesis.

Zinc can participate in the synthesis of auxin indole acetic acid: because zinc can promote the synthesis of indole and serine, tryptophan is the precursor of the synthesis of auxin, so zinc indirectly affects the formation of auxin. When zinc is deficient, the synthesis of auxin in crops is reduced, especially the content in buds and stems is significantly reduced. The growth and development of crops appear stagnant, the leaves become smaller, the internodes are shortened, and the formation of small leaf clusters is the symptom.

Zinc can promote the synthesis of crop protein: Zinc is closely related to protein synthesis. RNA polymerase contains zinc, which is an enzyme necessary for protein synthesis. At the same time, zinc is not only a component of ribonucleoprotein bodies, but also a necessary substance to maintain the structural integrity of ribonucleoprotein bodies.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency in crops

When crops are deficient in zinc, their growth is hindered and the plants are short.

The growth of internodes is severely hindered, and the leaf veins become chlorosis or albino.

The new leaves are gray-green or yellow-white spots.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency in vegetables are shortening of internodes and dwarfing of plant growth.

The leaves are chlorosis, and some leaves cannot expand normally,

The root system grows poorly, and the fruit is few or deformed.

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