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Application method of calcium nitrate

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The appearance of calcium nitrate is white or small crystals with slightly other colors. It has strong hygroscopicity, easy to agglomerate, and is easily soluble in water. The aqueous solution is acidic, and its solubility is minimally affected by temperature. It is a physiologically alkaline fertilizer. It is rich in calcium ions, and continuous application will not deteriorate the physical properties of the soil, but can also improve the physical properties of the soil.

Calcium nitrate is most suitable for beet, potato, barley, hemp and other crops, and it is widely applicable to all kinds of soils, especially calcium nitrate applied to calcium-deficient acidic soil, the effect will be better.

The main application methods are as follows:

1. It is more suitable for topdressing of dry land. However, it should be noted that the nutrients of calcium nitrate fertilizer are easy to lose, and can be applied in small amounts, and generally do not apply before the rain.

2. It can be used in combination with decomposed organic fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers (superphosphate), and potash fertilizers when used as base fertilizers, which can significantly improve fertilizer efficiency. But it should not be mixed with superphosphate alone to prevent reducing the efficiency of phosphate fertilizer.

3. Because calcium nitrate has a low nitrogen content, the amount in use is more than that of other nitrogen fertilizers.

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