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Calcium nitrate antifreeze agent is mainly composed of calcium nitrate, then compound with other compounds which can reduce the freezing point
Product Description

Calcium nitrate antifreeze agent is mainly composed of calcium nitrate, then compound with other compounds which can reduce the freezing point, as well as early strength agent, water reducing agent, catalyst, etc. , the amount of the ion with the same name in the cement hydrate is increased, that is, the ion concentration of calcium in the liquid phase is increased, and the hydration heat of the cement is increased significantly in the first few hours, which catalyzes and promotes the hydration of C and S, at the same time, due to the formation of various kinds of double salts, the density of concrete is increased and the inner pores of concrete are obviously changed. Therefore, the addition of calcium salts not only reduces the freezing point of liquid phase, but also plays an obvious role in hardening and promoting coagulation when curing at negative temperature, the strength continued to increase, thus resisting the freezing damage to the internal structure of the concrete. It is proved that the addition of calcium salt accelerates the early hydration of cement and improves the early strength, but has little effect on the 28-day strength and the final hydration heat, improves the later strength and improves the long-term performance.

The water-reducing, air-entraining and strengthening functions of the compound antifreeze agent of calcium nitrate are compound, and the proper amount of water-reducing agent can make the concrete mixture obviously reduce water and plasticize by adding the water-reducing agent.



(1) the amount of cement and mixing water in concrete can be reduced when the slump degree and strength of concrete are constant.

(2) under the condition of constant mixing water quantity, the sloughing degree increases with large radiations, and the workability becomes better,

(3)Under the condition of constant slump and cement consumption, the water consumption is reduced, thus the early strength and late strength of concrete are improved.

(4).The water reducing agent has certain air-entraining function, which makes the change of pore diameter and pore shape of concrete more ideal, thus also reduces the expansion destructive force caused by part of freezing, improves the impermeability and anti-freezing damage ability of concrete, and improves the strength and performance of concrete at later stage.

According to more than two years of exploratory experimental research, it has been proved that calcium nitrate antifreeze is a feasible, inexpensive and cost-effective antifreeze that can completely replace the Nano and occupy the world of sodium salts, therefore, the era of sodium salt antifreeze to dominate the world will soon be over, and overcome the shortcomings of sodium chloride salt series, which provides a temporary new way for the application of additives in winter construction in Sanbei area of China. The calcium nitrate antifreeze agent, because the formula is reasonable, each performance has reached the standard request, the suitable temperature can be widely used in the air temperature is-25 °c condition construction, the method is simple and convenient, does not need to increase other winter construction maintenance measures, therefore, it is an ideal additive for concrete construction in winter.


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Shanxi Guangyuan Fertilizer Co.,Ltd. is a modern comprehensive private enterprise combining scientific research, production and sales. The company has our own raw material manufacturing factory, a coal mine, a bauxite and calcium stone processing plant. Our company annual production capacity is 200,000 tons of nitrate compound fertilizer products. The main products are: calcium ammonium nitrate used in agriculture, calcium nitrate, calcium magnesium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, potassium nitrate, potassium, calcium and magnesium nitro-soluble fertilizer, Medium volume element water-soluble fertilizer, Massive volume element water-soluble fertilizer and so on. Our products sales network covers all parts of the country, and has exported to Australia,Japan, Mexico and Africa market. We have won highly praise from customers at home and abroad with high quality products and perfect service.

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Shanxi Guangyuan Fertilizer Co.,Ltd. is a modern comprehensive private enterprise combining scientific research, production and sales.
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