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Ammonium Sulfate

Colorless crystals or white particles. Odorless. Decomposition above 280 °C. SOLUBILITY IN WATER: 70.6 G at 0 °C, 103.8 G at 100 °C. Insoluble in ethanol and Acetone.
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Product: Ammonium Sulfate



Colorless crystals or white particles. Odorless. Decomposition above 280 °C. SOLUBILITY IN WATER: 70.6 G at 0 °C, 103.8 G at 100 °C. Insoluble in ethanol and Acetone. The Ph of 0.1 mol/l aqueous solution is 5.5. Relative density 1.77. Refractive index 1.521.


A good nitrogen fertilizer (commonly known as fertilizer field powder) , applied to the general soil and crops, can make branches and leaves grow vigorously, improve fruit quality and yield, enhance crop resistance to disasters, can be used as base fertilizer, topdressing and seed fertilizer. It can Metathesis with table salt to produce ammonium chloride, react with aluminum sulfate to produce ammonium alum, and make Refractory with boric acid, etc. . The conductivity can be increased by adding the plating solution. Also is the food sauce color catalyst, the fresh yeast production culture yeast nitrogen source, the acid dye auxiliary, the leather descaling agent. In addition, it is also used in beer brewing, chemical reagents and battery production. Another important role is the mining of rare earths. Ammonium sulfate is used as raw material for mining, and the rare earth elements in the ore are exchanged out by means of ion exchange, and then the leaching solution is collected to remove impurities, precipitate, press and burn to form the raw ore of rare earth, about 5 tons of ammonium sulfate are needed to produce 1 ton of raw rare earth ore.

In addition, ammonium sulfate is an inert substance which can not easily react with other bioactive substances. It can protect the protein activity to the greatest extent in the purification process, ammonium sulfate is highly soluble and can form a high-salt environment, preparing for protein precipitation and subsequent high-salt purification. The solubility of ammonium sulfate at zero temperature is quite different from that at 25 °C. The following is the molar concentration of ammonium sulfate at different saturations at two temperatures.




Q1 : Can we get some samples? Free or any charges?

A: Yes , You can get free sample if we have in stock. If the sample needs to be customized. It should be paid for the sample.

Q2: What about the lead time for the sample and big order?

A: 1-3 days if we have sample in stock. 7-10 days for new produced sample. 15-20 days for the big order

Q3: Can we do printing of our logo ?

A: Yes! We can engrave your logo on the wooden base free of charge. Also can screen printing your logo on the glass . There are printing cost .

Q4: What shipping method can i choose? How about the shipping time?

A: For samll order, By express like DHL, UPS, TNT. FedEx etc. about 3-7 days . For big order. by air about 7-12 days. By sea about 15-35 days

Q5: How can you guarantee your quality?

A: Normally we will send you a sample to confirm everyting first, we will make the big order exactly the same as your request. The order can be also placed through alibaba trade assurance. It can guarantee the quality and delivery. if it has quality disrepency, Alibaba will help you and return the money to you.

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