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Ammonium Sulfate Msds

Ammonium Sulfate, referred to as ammonium sulfate, also known as nitrogen sulfate, colorless crystals, orthorhombic
Product Description

Product: Ammonium Sulfate Msds


Ammonium Sulfate Msds, referred to as ammonium sulfate, also known as nitrogen sulfate, colorless crystals, orthorhombic。



Ammonium sulfate is a kind of nitrogen fertilizer, but it should be applied in combination with lime in highly acidic soil. In calcareous soil, it should be covered deeply to reduce the loss of nitrogen. It can also be used as welding flux and fabric fire retardant.

Ammonium sulfate is most commonly used as an artificial fertilizer for alkaline soils. When introduced into moist soil, ammonium ions are released. This produces a small amount of acid, which lowers the PH balance of the soil. It also contributes nitrogen, which helps plants grow. It dissolves relatively slowly, and is therefore cheaper than other manmade fertilizers. Ammonium sulfate is also used as a herbicide because it burns plant leaves and kills them directly, or at least weakens them for easy removal.

Ammonium sulfate is stable at room temperature, but as all ammonium nitrogen fertilizers, ammonia gas will be released when the alkaline compound acts. Ammonium sulfate applied into the soil, through the selective absorption of crops, will make the soil acidity increase slowly, so ammonium sulfate and physiological acid fertilizer.

Ammonium sulfate is suitable for general soils and prepared crops, and is used in ammonium-loving crops. It can be used as base fertilizer, topdressing and seed fertilizer. For forcing fertilization, it is economical and effective to apply a large amount of nutrients to the soil near the root system during the first few days of crop growth, but attention must be paid to the application when there is no water drop on the stem and leaf surface to avoid harming the crop. In order to avoid the loss of chlorine due to nitrification and Denitrification application, the rice should be applied deeply or in combination with cultivation field.

The amount of ammonium sulfate used as seed fertilizer must be less, generally 10 Jin per mu can be mixed with 5 ~ 10 times mature organic fertilizer or fertilizer soil together, pay attention not to contact with the seeds. Rice seedlings, each mu can be used 5-10 kg ammonium sulfate, and ripe organic fertilizer, calcium superphosphate and other coordination, tune into thin mud, used to stick rice seedlings root, the effect is very good.


Storage and transportation

It must be kept in a well-ventilated, cool, dry place, away from heat/ignition sources and out of direct sunlight.


25/50KG woven bag lined with plastic bags, or according to the requirements of customers.




Q1: Do you offer sample?

A: We can provide you a sample but you need to pay for the freight.

Q2: What is your payment term?

A: 30% down payment after confirming the contract/ PI and 70% the balance before shipment/ copy of Bill of Lading.

Q3: What is your lead time?

A: 30 days after receipting the down payment usually. Urgent need please discuss with us to find a way out!

Q4: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

A: We are a manufacturer and all the items mentioned are made by ourselves. But for other items we do not have, we can search them for you from other factories.

Q5: Can you make the packing and logo as customer request?

A: Yes we can, but you should pay for the extra cost caused

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