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Ammonium Sulfate High-quality Nitrogen Fertilizer

Colorless crystals or white particles. Odorless.
Product Description

An excellent nitrogen fertilizer (commonly known as fertilizer powder), suitable for general soils and crops, can make branches and leaves vigorous, improve fruit quality and yield, and improve plants' resistance to disasters. It can be used as a base fertilizer and top dressing, and seed fertilizer.


It can double the decomposition reaction with salt to form ammonium chloride, react with aluminum sulfate to form ammonium alum, and work with boric acid to make refractories. Adding to the electroplating solution can increase conductivity. It is also a catalyst for the color of food sauces, a nitrogen source for the cultivation of yeast in the production of fresh yeast, coloring aids for acid dyes and limiting agents for leather. It's also used in beer brewing, chemical reagents, and battery manufacturing.


Another important role is the extraction of rare earths. In mining, ammonium sulphate is used as a raw material, the rare earth elements in the ore are exchanged in the form of an ion exchange and then the seepage water is collected in order to remove impurities, precipitate, squeeze and burn it to become rare earth ore. 1 ton of rare earth ore requires about 5 tons of ammonium sulfate.

Storage Precautions: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. It should be stored separately from acids and alkalis and avoid mixed storage. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.

Packing: 25 / 50kg bag or according to your requirements.


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Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

A:  We are a manufacturer. Located in Shanxi, China.

Q2: Can ammonium sulfate be used in acidic soils?

A: Ammonium sulfate is an acid fertilizer. Long-term use can increase the acidity of the soil, making ammonium sulfate unsuitable for use in acidic soils.

Q3: What should I look out for when using ammonium sulfate fertilizer?

A:  ①If you topdress ammonium sulfate in the rice field, keep the field moist or have a layer of water of about 1.5 cm to facilitate the absorption of the rice roots. After fertilizing, do not release water for 4 to 5 days to avoid loss of fertilizer. Since ammonium sulfate contains 24% sulfur under reducing conditions, it is reduced to hydrogen sulfide, thereby poisoning rice roots. Therefore, it should be used as little as possible in poorly drained rice fields. Monammonium sulfate should be used in arid areas, especially calcareous soils, and covered with deep soil to prevent nitrogen loss. ③Do not use ammonium sulfate as a seed fertilizer. Contact: If you need to use ammonium sulfate for dressing wheat seeds, the dosage should be set to 2.5-5 kg per 667 m2. Use this dosage now so as not to interfere with the germination of the seeds when making the lid dressing, it should be used after the leaves are dry from dew or rain. Prevent the fertilizer from sticking to the leaves and damaging the seedlings.

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