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Ammonium Sulfate Features Function How to Use

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Ammonium sulfate is an earlier variety of solid nitrogen fertilizer, generally called standard nitrogen fertilizer; nitrogen content is 20% to 21%. The following are the characteristics, functions and use methods of ammonium sulfate compiled by Xiaobian. If you are interested, let's take a look!

Characteristics and functions of ammonium sulfate

①Pure product is white crystal, mostly yellowish when there is a small amount of impurities.

②Good physical properties, no moisture absorption and no caking. However, if too much sulfuric acid is added in the manufacturing process or the ambient humidity is high, it will absorb moisture and agglomerate.

③It is easily soluble in water, and the fertilizer aqueous solution is acidic.

④Stable chemical properties, non-volatile and non-decomposable under normal temperature and pressure.

⑤ Under alkaline conditions, the volatilization of ammonia occurs and nitrogen is lost. Therefore, ammonium sulfate cannot be stored and applied mixed with alkaline substances.

⑥Belonging to physiological acid fertilizer, long-term application will increase soil acidity. The application of ammonium sulfate in acidic soil will increase the soil acidity, so lime should be applied together, but it should be noted that lime and ammonium sulfate should be applied separately; calcareous soil contains a lot of Ca-CO3, and the application of ammonium sulfate has little effect on soil acidity, but it will Causes the volatilization loss of ammonia, so it should be applied deeply.

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