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After Lifting The Embargo, Brazilian Beef Will Return To The Chinese Table Around The Spring Festival

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China recently lifted the embargo on Brazilian beef, and it is expected that the first batch of Brazilian beef after the lifting of the ban will arrive in mid-February next year, which is around the Chinese New Year. Brazil’s Minister of Agriculture Tereza Cristina recently stated that China will always be Brazil’s large partner.

Comprehensive Brazilian website "Band", "" and "SBA" reported on December 23 that last week, China lifted the import ban on Brazilian beef. These restrictions were implemented after a case of atypical mad cow disease was detected in Brazil in September this year. Implementation. Today, China is waiting for the first batch of beef shipped from Brazil after the lifting of the ban, which is expected to arrive around the Chinese New Year.

Experts believe that the resumption of imports after a three-month suspension will increase the Chinese market’s confidence in Brazilian beef and at the same time help stabilize the rise in product prices in China’s domestic market.

China is the largest buyer of Brazilian beef. In 2020, China imported more than 2 million tons of beef, an increase of 27% year-on-year, of which about 40% was imported from Brazil. And because of China's suspension of imports, Brazilian beef exports have continued to decline in recent months.

Brazilian Agriculture Minister Teresa Cristina said in an interview recently: “We have found cases of atypical mad cow disease. We have to give a lot of explanations and produce all the required documents. Fortunately, I think this has passed. We have resumed exports. We have already started exporting meat that was packed in containers before the September 4 embargo. China will always be Brazil’s large partner."

The Brazilian meat industry believes that although meat companies have encountered a series of difficulties this year, 2022 looks more promising. China's resumption of beef imports, Russia's resumption of beef and pork imports, and the continued high global demand for these products are all encouraging factors for participants in this type of business in Brazil and the global market. However, due to deforestation in Brazil, some European groups boycott Brazilian brands. If these conditions persist, it will have a negative impact.

Not only beef, the industry also has positive expectations for Brazil's exports of other meats to China. Heberville Neto believes that although China has resumed some local pork production, Brazil still has room to expand exports, and this is also true for other meats.

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