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Access 3 Webinars Focused On The Carbon Markets

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During the 2021 Top Producer Summit and Trust In Food Symposium, three sessions covered carbon markets and carbon sequestration. Fill out the form below to access the three following webinars:


1. Carbon Markets: Promises, Pitfalls and Preparation

Soon you might earn a living not just from what you grow on top of the soil but on what you’re helping to store inside of it. Carbon sequestration can offer promise or pitfalls for your farm. Here’s what you need to know.


Speaker: Steve Cubbage, Record Harvest & Farmobile



2. Carbon Markets Seminar: Everything Farmers Need to Know

Curious how carbon markets can add new revenue streams to your operation? Hear from farmers and ranchers who are exploring the possibilities of carbon markets and learn the ins and outs from carbon-market experts and scientists.



Benjamin Bartley, Ecosystem Services Market Consortium



Kelley Thomas Delpit, Oregon Rancher



Leo Bastos, Bayer



Nate Birt, Farm Journal's Trust in Food


3. What to Know about Carbon Markets

Is your farm carbon ready? U.S. farms are poised to turbo charge carbon reductions, but navigating this complex environment will require careful planning and understanding.


Speaker: Laura Sands, K-Coe Isom

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