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500 Tons Of Thai Durian Shipped To China Via China-Laos Railway

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According to Thai media, 27 trucks full of durian recently departed from eastern Thailand and arrived in Laos via the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in Nongkhai Province, to be shipped to China via the Sino-Lao Railway. 


According to the report, the durian was transported by the cold chain trucks of Thailand's SPEED INTER Transport Co., Ltd. with a total weight of 500 tons and a value of 89,100,000 baht. 


Customs officials in Nongkhai province said that since the opening of the Sino-Lao railroad, the number of cross-border cargoes at the first border of the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge is increasing, especially agricultural products, vegetables and fruits, while there are also many durian waiting to be exported to China. 


Due to China's dynamic clearance policy, such products are inspected by Chinese representatives in Thailand who visit the origin of the durian in either Chanthaburi or Rayong to confirm that it is a safe agricultural product before it is packed and sealed, and then the seal number is sent to customs. When exporting agricultural products through the Nongkhai customs checkpoint, customs officers first look at the seal number and confirm that the product is safe before export. 


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