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3 main points of fertilizing lemon trees

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The growth and development of lemon, through the young, adult, aging 3 stages, in each stage of the mineral nutrition required, there are common but also special, therefore, in cultivation must be based on the age of the tree, tree potential, yield, season, soil in different situations of scientific fertilization, in order to achieve early and abundant production, stable yield, high quality, long life purpose.

Fertilization period.

1. Juvenile trees

Young trees of 1~2 years old, mainly to keep the tips, fertilization to diligent application of thin application, the tips before and after more application for the principle. Young trees can be applied 15 days after planting, but not too much diluted fertilizer to promote root growth and ensure survival; fertilize about 10 days before each tip, and spray 2-3 times foliar fertilizer after the tip, to ensure that it can produce 3-4 times in a year of healthy branch tips to achieve the purpose of rapid growth of the tree; gradually increase the amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in the year before fruiting, while spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate after the autumn tip to promote the differentiation of flower buds.

2. First fruiting trees

3~4 years old out of fruit trees to autumn, winter heavy application, spring fertilizer to see the flowers, not before the summer as the principle, that is, November - January fruit harvesting fertilizer to restore the tree to meet the nutrients required for the spring tipped period, to late-effect fertilizer. The spring fertilizer should not be applied early and heavy, according to the amount of flowers to fertilize; May-June is generally not fertilized to control the summer treetops; before the autumn heavy fertilizer, up to about 40% of the annual fertilization, the purpose is to promote the autumn treetops to lay the foundation for the next year's yield. August-October in order to strengthen the treetops, strong fruit, 1-2 times water fertilizer can be applied.

3. Adult fruit-bearing trees Adult fruit-bearing trees are mainly fertilized before and after fruit picking, before the spring tip and three times before the autumn tip, and 4-6 times throughout the year

(1) Fruit picking fertilizer

Before and after fruit picking, fruiting trees should be fertilized before fruit picking, and those with little fruit can be fertilized after fruit picking, mainly for the purpose of restoring tree potential and preserving leaves.

(2) spring tip fertilizer

Spring tip sprouting about 15 days before the application of a water fertilizer to promote the growth of spring tips, the amount of tree potential to determine

(3) Flowering fertilizer

During the period from flowering to fruit stabilization, the main focus is on foliar fertilizer with appropriate growth regulators to replenish tree nutrients and improve the fruit set rate.

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