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2022 Outlook: Why Corn’s Sweet Spot May Be Below $6 in The New Year

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As analysts turn their attention to next year, which is creating more of a bullish outlook: corn or soybeans? The answer is mixed, but even with a tapered expectation of corn exports in the New Year, analysts are more optimistic when it comes to the price picture for corn.

“I'm a little bit softer on export demand. China has a lot of corn on the books, but they're not taking shipment of it. That's a concern until they start to do so that can always be rolled into the next year,” says Arlan Suderman of StoneX Group.

Despite the concern over the current status of corn exports, AgriTalk Host Chip Flory says corn seems to be finding true demand. He says total corn demand this year was estimated up slightly from last year in USDA’s November Supply and Demand Report.

“Most impressively, that estimate comes with the national average on-farm cash corn price expected to be up 90¢ from 2020-21, and more use at a higher price indicates a ‘real increase’ in demand,” says Flory.

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