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100% water soluble potassium sulphate

It dissolves quickly, even in 0 °c water, it can dissolve completely, absorb easily, and supply potassium quickly.
Product Description


K 2 O ≥52% so 3≥46% product characteristics

1. Pure imported products, using the world's top water-soluble potassium sulfate process production, natural potassium ore as raw material, potassium oxide content of up to 52% , higher than ordinary potassium sulfate content, better quality, and does not contain any heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

2. It dissolves quickly, even in 0 °c water, it can dissolve completely, absorb easily, and supply potassium quickly. It is especially suitable for crops such as melon and fruit, tuber and so on.

3. The solution is slightly acidic: (1) it can clean up the scale in the dropper, ooze pipe and nozzle, ensure the smooth flow of the pipe and nozzle, prevent clogging and prolong their service life; (2) it can improve the physiological activity of crops and promote the benign growth of crops, increase Fertilizer Utilization.

4. It is easy to be absorbed by crops by adding synergistic factors and chelated micronutrient, and the absorption and utilization ratio is 30% higher than that of ordinary potassium sulfate.

5. After the use of even and bright-colored fruits, size symmetry, taste better, can promote the early maturity of crops, listed ahead of time.

6. Improve the ability of disease resistance, cold resistance, drought resistance and lodging resistance, extend the fresh-keeping period and storage period of crops. Applicable crops such as melon and fruit, fruit trees, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, flowers and other Cash crop and field crops can be. The recommended dosage is 5-10 kg per mu and rinsed every 7-10 days. Note 1, the above methods for reference, the specific amount of fertilizer can be adjusted according to local fertilization habits and crop growth. 2, can be mixed with a variety of pesticides, but to avoid the use of mixed with strongly alkaline pesticides. 3. Store in a dry and ventilated area to avoid heat and moisture. It should be used as soon as possible after opening. If hygroscopic caking occurs, the quality will not be affected and it can still be used normally. 4. This product is exempt from registration according to Article 14 of the second chapter of the "measures for the registration and administration of Fertilizers" of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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